About Us

Who we are


Launched in 2012, FFlow is a young and ambitious fashion platform, a new conception of online store where to find selected creations by young talents from all over the world.


Why “Travel through Style?”


For years we have been fascinated by the origins of style. Born local, a style is the sum of elements such as social background, culture and education. Then it spreads, it transforms, it mixes with new ingredients and merges into one global conception of fashion.


Through FFlow we want to enhance this process and create a new dimension, a virtual space where the worldwide style amalgamation takes place. Here the customer can discover new trends from international designers and here young talents can speak to new customers all over the world through their creations.


A selected choice of outfits, ideas and items for the different occasions of your lifestyle. A quick taste of flavors of the international fashion menu where to create your own personal blend. A virtual and comfortable travel through a world of style.



How we work


Based right in the heart of fashion, the city of Milano, our team keeps updated attending fashion shows, events and all main exhibitions. But not only: we keep social networks, social media, press and communities monitored. Our selection reflects our philosophy “travel through style” of offering the best edit of pieces for different occasions from all over the world. A wide choice of brands, from the big names to emerging designers, fit for all price intentions and right on trend.

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